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Landscape Photography by Geoff Ross Welcome to Geoff Ross Landscape Photography

Geoff Ross is an acclaimed Australian landscape photographer. From his base in Australia, he travels around the world seeking to capture through his own eyes inspiring photographs of the world's spectacular landscapes. His New Zealand landscape books have become best sellers in their respective categories, and can be purchased online.

Feel free to browse this website, where you are able to view his stunning landscape and wildlife photography. Periodically Geoff runs seminars and workshops on photography, details of which will be posted on the website.

Please note that the images on this website will not appear with the same fidelity of the original prints unless you have a correctly calibrated colour monitor.


Deserts and Remote Areas

To succeed in any area of Deserts and Remote Areas photography you need to have a working understanding of how exposure works. Geoff Ross had the strength and abilities to inspire you to look deeper into the Australian, New Zealand, California, Chile and rest of the whole world desert landscape and remote landscape photography to find the places and images that offer challenges beyond the ordinary.

Forests, Flowers and Trees

With the right approach, and regardless of equipment, photography can come close to matching the beauty and emotions one experiences in the company of trees, forests and flowers. Nature photographs are more interesting when they show the best, the unusual, or a new perspective. This implies a more-than-casual search. Geoff Ross Photography enable you to have a closer look into the nature with it�s fantastic online forests, flowers, and trees collection.

Mountains and High Country

Your creative process begins with choosing a right photographic subject. Photographic subjects abound in nature, but they're not always obvious. Join us together for an unforgettable vacation experience. Locate a good collection of Mountain, Mt. Aspiring at sunset, New Zealand, Mt. Buffalo at sunrise, Victoria, Australia, High Country, Victoria and related aspiring collection of Mountains and High Country.

Rivers, Lakes and Waterfalls

If you are interested in adding to your art collection, or contemplating starting one, photography is one option. Geoff Ross's offering of photography enables you to collect some awesome river, lakes and waterfalls landscape fine art prints.

Wildlife Photography

Geoff Ross masters in a whole range of photographic subjects, ranging from urban landscapes to wildlife. For your unique photographic experience visit Geoff Ross's Wildlife photo gallery. Find African Elephant, African Rhinoceros, Flying Ibis, Iguana, Green Tree Snake, Gentu Penguin, Lion, Polar Bear and many more wild life creatures from all over the world.

Winter and Antartica

Nothing prepares you for the colours of Antarctica. Antarctica is nature in its purest state; her power and beauty are at once humbling, confronting and exhilarating. Indeed Antarctica touches the soul like no other place on earth. The pace can be as fast as an ice wall cracking and tumbling into the sea or as slow as an advancing glacier. View the real beauty of Antartica winters in Geoff Ross Winter and Antartica photo gallery.


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